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New font only allowing lowercase letters

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I installed a new font this morning on my Windows 10 desktop, it's the same font I was using on my Windows 10 laptop so I know it works. 

But in Paint.net and only in Paint.net it will only type in the lowercase letters whether or not caps lock is on or not. 

In other applications like Word or Powerpoint the font displays and works correctly. When you press the select font button it shows the preview of "The quick brown fox" only it shows it all as lowercase whereas the other fonts all have a capitalised "T". I've deleted and reinstalled the font but no joy.

I updated to the latest Paint.net yesterday and rebooted. I've since installed other fonts and it's worked but just not this particular font on this particular version on Paint.net

The font is https://www.dafont.com/mf-i-love-glitter.font





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