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how to remove blush/red face?

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hi everyone


I'm a new paint.net user and I'm overwhelmed by the options in paint.net and all the available plugins.

However, I cant figure out the best way to correct red areas in faces, like blushing.


It is easily done in PS, like i found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecMMp6Fc_Xg



What would be the best way to do this in paint.net?





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BoltBait's plugin pack has a plugin called Hue/Saturation+ that's similar to what the video shows. The limitation is that it doesn't have a feather feature to smoothly transition  the color-change for pixels with colors just outside the selected ranges. Nevertheless, when I tried it on a screen-cap from the video, it seemed to work quite well (with a hue change of around 13). I suggest initially setting the hue modification to the full-range value, so that the pixels that will be altered are obvious.

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Thanks for the tips!


The Hue/Saturation+ plugin works great, I also found a great improvement at a hue change of 10-15.


I tried to feather it by-hand by selecting a small range outside the main selection and apply a little change in hue. It is not perfect, but the result is fair enough for now.


Maybe applying small hue change (3?) reselecting the range and reapply another hue change(3 again? etc. to a total of 10-15)  may also create a smoother transition.


But a feathering option probably is best :)

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