ShapeMaker Mini Tutorial

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


I quickly pulled this together for anyone having trouble understanding how to properly use ShapeMaker so all the drawing 'modes' render correctly.


Step 1:




I used the 'Cubic Bezier' tool with 'Snap to Grid' turned on and 'Linked with previous Line' turned off.  I toggle between Zoom 8x and 4x.  I always place my first

node in 8x on the flattest part of the shape.  I then draw the rest in 4X and zoom back up to 8X before I place the last line. I place my final node (1) square

away from the beginning node and use 'Close Contiguous Paths' button to complete the outline. That's how you get the (MZ) in front of the line in the Path List.


Step 2:




I chose this as my 2nd line because it completely intersects the outline shape.


An example of why this line is cloned:




Step 3:




Step 4:




I choose to do the center flower next, as it creates a great 'anchor' point for all the other lines.


Step 5:




Step 6:




Step 7:





This may be an on-going tutorial.  As questions are asked, I will add more images to explain.


Hope this helps everyone new to the ShapeMaker plugin!  :)

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1 hour ago, Seerose said:

 I have a question: how do I save the shape?


Hi dear Seerose!  I added (2) more images to the tutorial explaining how to save your files!   :D  :cake:


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