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Can Paint.NET create this effect for font?

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Hello fellow painters.


I have been searching youtube for a tutorial on how to make a font that is raised and it has an artificial reflection. That is it looks a bit like a mirror when it is complete. I have uploaded my favourite example of what I am talking about. It is a cool text effect and it is used for novel cover.


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One of our members, welshblue, is about to post a tutorial on glass-looking text that may be of use to your purpose, probably over this weekend as he states near the end of his Metallic Marble Text tutorial (which probably can also suit your needs). Welcome to the forum, btw :)



But if you are in a hurry, you can try dipstick's recently created glass font which you can find in this post in the same thread.

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On 23/03/2018 at 7:46 PM, MJW said:

If the text in this comment is similar to what you're looking for, I can tell you how to do it. Also take a look at some examples in the comments that follow.


This first one you mentioned came the closest MJW, I love the way the reflective areas are raised. I would certainly use that. I just need to make the reflection look at little more like silverware.





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On 24/03/2018 at 12:31 PM, welshblue said:

The first few steps HERE could help you on your way.  If you want it more chiselled like your example, run Splinter twice.


Great book The Rats ... love James Herbert books



I love James Herbert too. :)


I can use that glass for this. Again, I just need to make the reflection look at little more like silverware.


What should I do?

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Here are some instructions for producing this type of text:


There are many variations. I tried to keep this as simple as possible.


First you need a reflection map. I started with an equirectangular map I often use of (I believe) a Roman aqueduct. Download and save it, then load it into PDN. Convert it to black and white using Adjustments>Black and White. Then apply an 8 pixel blur with Effects>Gaussian Blur. The B&W conversion is so that the text will be silver-like. The blur helps reduce aliasing.


Create a new 800x600 image.

Use the Text tool to type black text on a white background. I used 96 point Teen with Bold enabled. (Thick text usually looks better.)

Apply Adjustments>Invert Colors to produce white text on a black background.

Copy the image to the Clipboard.

Blur the text using Effects>Gaussian Blur. Set the Radius to 8.

Run BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin, Effects>Object>Paste Alpha. The Alpha Source should be (the default) Clipboard shades of gray. You'll now have text on a transparent background.

Add a layer containing artwork or a solid color under the text layer. Otherwise, it's hard to judge the results. I usually use a black layer.

Copy the reflection map to the clipboard.

On the text layer, run Effects>Height Map>Texture Shader. For the example, I used the following settings:

     Image: Clipboard

     Clipboard Image Offset: 0.000, 0.2500

     Clipboard Image Rotation: 0.00

     Clipboard Image Mapping Method: Reflection Map (Equirectangular)

     Divide Mapping Displacement by Ten: Unchecked

     Mapping Displacement: 1.000

     Divide Texture Height Scale by Ten: Checked

     Texture Height Scale: 50

     Texture Height Curvature: 0.000

     Ambient Light Color: 255, 255, 255

     Directional Light Color: 255, 255, 255

     Directional Light Direction: 0.0, -150.0, 40.0

     Directional Light Intensity: 1.000

     Specularity: 0.500

     Specular Concentration (Exponent):  45.00

     Antialias: Checked

     Antialias Quality: 4 (might change to 6 for the final image version -- higher is usually better, but also slower.)


Changing the Clipboard Image Offset, Clipboard Image Rotation, Texture Height Scale Texture Curvature, lighting, etc. will greatly modify the resulting image. I just play around with the settings until I find something I like. You can also use a different reflection map. I really like the look of the text when using the colored reflection map, but I know that's not the style you're going for. The amount and type of blur to apply to the text depends on the type and size of the text, and the desired result. In the Texture Scaler thread, I describe how the Texture Smoother and Texture Scaler can be used to smooth the text. For pure mirror reflection, use only Ambient Light. I think it usually looks better with some, or even a majority of, Directional Light.


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