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Eurgh...I hate having my picture taken (my avatar is a good few years old). However, I managed to put these together from a few months back.




On the left is the Lion, Todd Niquette. And that's me, the Dragon (Alyce Niquette) on the right.



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4 hours ago, MieshaNeveu said:

You guys are looking cool and tension-free. I always have the issue with my photos. I always argue why I am looking fat in them? 


Ha - ha ................ it's a known fact that the camera adds 10 lb, but from looking at your avatar you have nothing to worry about 🧐

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Thanks for the complement Pixey. Yes I do like my Harley and would be happy to take you, or any of the other fine Women that posted their picture on this thread for a ride on her. I also wouldn't mind having a few beers with Welsh or BoltBait, so I can pick their brains a bit.... 

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