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Creating a flyer for maths private tutoring

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For stuff like mathematics I'd recommend Microsoft Word or something along those lines. Though, I've made posters for university on PDN before. This one came out A1 sized:



This was done from scratch, so it can be done - It just takes a lot of time and patience.

The mathematics was implemented using Dr Scott's Markup Renderer.


If you're asking about templates or preexisting designs related specifically to PDN, I can't help you.

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The first seven demo equations from my Markup Renderer (there are nine more demo equations).


Each was rendered to it's own layer then the background removed with the magic wand. Some layers rotated then flattened. The Grid Paper background is one of Toe_heads plugins (I should have rotated that too)


Find more MathML equations here http://gorupec.awardspace.com/mathml.html and here http://elsenaju.eu/mathml/MathML-Examples.htm

(especially if you want something a little less intimidating :)). To use these, paste the code sample in between the <body></body> tags of any of the MathML examples in  Markup Renderer.


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