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Rolling an Entire Layer + align the pixel quality of layers

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Hi everyone

the two questions I have are a bit tricky (at least for me as a non-native english speaker and layman), but I hope I wrote it correctly in the title:


1) My first question is whether it is possible to roll (that is 3D-rotate) an entire layer. I know that you can roll inside a layer (Layers --> Rotate/Zoom --> Roll/Rotate), but is it possible to roll the whole layer?


2) When I create a new layer and insert the new small picture onto the larger one, it looks "different", that means it has a different resolution and it is obvious that it has been inserted and that it is not originally part of the original picture. Is there a way to make the smaller "layered upon" image the same way as the rest, that is same pixel resolution etc.?


Very grateful for any kind of reply. Thank you!





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