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Q: How to use metalize plugin

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If you could find and link to some examples that are similar to what you want to do, it would help a lot. I'm not sure what you mean by "I'm trying to make a shape look like gold." That could cover quite a few different techniques.


If you haven't read through it already, you might take a look at the Metallize plugin thread.


For Metallize, you need to start with an image where the color brightness varies (preferably smoothly) across across the object. Metallize modifies the color so the object looks reflective, and therefore metallic. In the plugin thread, dpy's leaf example shows the results.

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This tutorial was found using the Search, it uses Metalize..


Often the best results are a combination of 2-3 layers each using a different blend mode and a slightly different Metalize setting.

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Hello @Ambreville.  Basically, once you metalize something with the Plugin you then need to color it.  Here are some things to read up on that subject.




 And then, to colorize:




Good Luck :)




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