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Old layer shows through cover layer

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When I open a WEBP file that contains various signs and I use the rectangle select function over one of the signs and then either fill it or delete it and then import a different sign in the layer menu then move it to cover the filled or deleted section and then save it as the same webp file the filled or deleted sign show through the new sign. You can see the shadow of the old sign in this picture> I have tried all different kinds of thing to stop this but nothing work,


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I had never to do with such a WebP file and maybe I'm not the only one here...

I don't know, how it looks like, when you load the file in Paint.net, especially the Layers Window.


Please give us a link for the original file and not a final JPEG.

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I too have never worked with a WebP file, so I download the Plugin that opens them in PDN.


There could be many reasons for why you are getting a shadow, the only thing I can think of is that you may not be using layers. 


You should use a new layer for each thing you add.  Don't forget to uncheck the box in a layer that you may no longer want before you flatten the image.





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