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The Lasso Tool (update idea)

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So I've been using Paint.net for over five years now and I really love it. I know about everything there is to know and have no need to get a "bigger" program. 

But there is one reason why I might consider changing to another photo editor. The Lasso tool. The lasso tool is quite straight forward and understandable. However, my problem with the tool is that I need to hold my mouse down while selecting. I'd really, really love a "point by point" system where you click a couple of times and it creates a selection.


Much love,


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This might help: TR's Splinemaster. It won't make the actual selection, but will create the outline.

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Although they may not be relevant to your needs, I recommend Red ochre's Bezncurve (renders open and closed curves which may be useful to create smooth outlines for later selections with the magic wand)  and TR's Alpha Cutter (a very versatile selection eraser which I've used quite satisfactorily).


Welcome to the forum, btw! :)

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