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cannot select any color in opening layer


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Entering text for example: I go to color wheel, select black as primary color. Go back and type and nothing is there.

Editing a graphic: I select paintbrush, pick a color, attempt to edit it. Nothing happens. Even if I just want to slash a line thru the graphic. Only if I select Add a layer can I select a color.

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Windows 10 - build 1703.. paint.net 4.021

If I import a logo and use rectangle select to pick an area. I can use any any secondary color but except black.

I've used paint.net for many years and never had an issue with it until last upgrade.


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in image attached (hopefully) I used rectangle select around the 1991 and ball. You can see brighter green slashing along with yellow within that box using secondary color. Once you get to edge of rectangle it stops. Also I cannot use black as secondary color


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