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Printing to a printable disc

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When I go to print onto a CD, I select paper size "12 cm Disc", and paper type "Printable Disc", but when I print, it find that even though my picture extended all the way to be bottom of the frame, it does not extend to the full edge of the CD.


The CD is only 11.8cm in diameter, so I do not understand why it isn't printing out to the very edge. I have tried it with, and without, "Fit picture to frame" checked.


Please advise.

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It is probably a function of your printer--similar to the way a printer can never print to the exact edge of the paper.


Printers typically can't print all the way to the edge of the paper (called "bleed printing") to protect the printer equipment from the effects of over-spray.

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Thank you BoltBait.


When I use other software (Newsoft CD Labler, it came with the printer, but is otherwise terrible, which is why I am trying to get Paint.net to work), it is able to print to the very edge of the CD and beyond.


Paint.net seems to be printing a slightly cropped square. It is able to print to the edge on the corners, but not on the 'flat' sides. Is there any way to edit what Paint.net CD print settings?


Attached you can see a picture I drew as an example. Than the printer settings (I have tried with, and without, "fit picture to frame"), and then the resultant CD. You can see that it over spays the corners and the center, but doesn't even get to the 'sides'. It really looks like it is just printing a square...


I can use template lines to crop off the parts I don't want (the corners, and the center), but I can't get it to actually print to the edge of the sides.




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I just wanted to update this thread, in case other people find it.


Even with the plugin, I wasn't able to adjust the printable area on the CD. It might be a limitation of my printer (Brother MFC-J870DW).


I would encourage everyone to try Paint.net first. If it doesn't work out. I ended up buying

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

After downloading it as trial software first, and confirming that I could change inner and outer diameter, as well as position adjustments. I am still using Paint.net to actually make the pictures, than as the last step I move it over and print it.


Other alternatives seem to be:

SureThing Disc Labeler (I downloaded this as trial software, but it wasn't as straight forward as Acoustica)

Label Factory Deluxe (I didn't try this one)

Label Maker Pro (I didn't try this one either)


I hope this helps anyone who finds this thread, and is in the same position I was.


Attached is a capture of my favourite part of Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker (and the reason I bought it). If you're printer isn't on the list of Template Names... I would definitely download the trial before paying money for it, because it might not work at all for you.


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