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Paint.Net Crash

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I always use Paint.net to make a Fanmade of an Anime (Japanase Animation) from a Anime called "Dragon Ball Z" and i use Paint.net to make "Paused" moments and just make then to one Video, (weird explanation) but that isn't the Topic either way. When i do these Pictures i get around 100+ for one Episode so it takes for me Hours to create everything properly and without Problems but sometimes its like saying it would be Saving one of these Pictures but that usually takers 0.9 Seconds and i have Paint.net on with the same Problem right now  (which means while i am typing this it still saves *One Picture* and then i always have to Restart my Computer to use it again and that is so annoying so i wish i could get an Answer to my Problem or maybe even Fix it if somebody else has it too.

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