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Averaged Color Blur


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This effect is modification of Average Edge Blur effect by @Cookies.


For each pixel of the image this effect finds colors of the pixels surrounding it within the selected radius. Then this effect fills current pixel with averaged value of the found colors. Unlike Average Edge Blur this effect allows to blur the image not only in each separate channel of color, but also in their combination. Also the drop-down list of blending modes is added to effect.


Download from my PluginPack


You can find it: Effects -> Blurs -> Averaged Color Blur


The User interface



This effect has a simple and intuitive user interface.

The original image and examples:


ACB_normal_en.png  ACB_rgb_en.png


Except 13 built-in blend modes (without Xor) this effect has 10 additional modes, similar to Photoshop's blend modes.


ACB_BM_en.png  ACB_diff_en.png  ACB_exclusion_en.png

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