Canyon rocks, Starships, Stalactites/Stalacmites 02-2018

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Canyon rocks, Starships, Stalactites/Stalacmites 02-2018



This tutorial will guide you to create some fancy volumes that could be compared to rocks of canyon and or stalactites/stalacmites.

A lot of other "volumes" could be created using this method with some adjustments (ex: starships)...

Starting with this tutorial, plus extra steps and time I made this image (original is 4000x2000).



Plugins needed:
Texture Object Rounder

Plugins optional:
Random Shape Fill
TR's Custom Random Filler

Anti Aliasing < no swearing >istant


Let's start...
1.Create a new image 800x600.


2.Create a new layer (above the white background).


3.Use any way you want to draw something on the canvas. The restriction is to draw thin shapes not too close to the borders of the image.
-use the pencil or pen
-use Random Shape Fill
-use render plugins (Random Shape Fill, TR's Custom Random Filler)
-use texture plugins (Julia+, moire)
-a mix of this...
My example: Effect/Render/Random Shape Fill, set Minimum fill opacity (last slider) to 255, press ok, press Ctrl+F (redo to have more shapes).





4.Run Effect/Distort/Gravity (default values).




5.Run Effect/Height map/Texture Object Rounder...
-Check Show Shading (and leave it checked).
-Play with Height Map Scale and Texture Height Scale to have more/less contrast.




6.The result 
-Fill the background folder with a color (not white) to see the result.




7.Some Adjustment
-Often the bottom part is white. Delete it and repeat the effect Gravity.




-Add a new layer
-Fill it with a gradient from Blue(top) to Rose(Bottom)... Ok you could test other colors...
-Press F4 to set the blend mode to Multiply.



My other example:
-Create a layer for each element of the complex objet. Here one color per layer per element:



-Run Effect/Height map/Texture Object Rounder on each layer.
(change settings to adapt the light or the shadows)
(try to rotate the image if the rounded effect isn't "tasty" enought)
(you could need to run anti aliasing < no swearing >istant on each layer)



-Add a background





In this example, I used the plugin TR's Custom Random Filler to fill the dark background...

And Moire with alpha(transparency) to create the artefact lying on the floor.




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Fixed broken Postimg images - Added PDF link
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That is so cool @MadJik !    <3     Other ways to use @MJW's Texture Rounder!  I'll definitely have to try this.


Thank you for sharing!   :D       (We'll make artists out of ourselves in no time!)    :P 

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Thanks so much @MadJik A really fun tuto and a great lesson in combining all of those Plugins :D




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I used a lot of plugins over your basic instructions.  Awesome!  :D




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This is a fun one, @MadJik! I decided to add some Liquify and some Noise since I'm from a part of the world with clay/sand soil. (St. Peter-Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer ftw, I guess?)



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