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Looping Image / Blending Sections

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I need a way to fix the line near the top of the picture. I'm trying to make a clean transition between the top and bottom of the image, but I don't know of a way to do that. The overall purpose of this is just to make a repeating image that goes on forever up and down that looks like this. To make this happen I made the top and bottom meet in a proper way, but in the process, this line appeared. If I can make this blend properly, my problem is fixed.

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An easy way would be to select the lower part, underneath the line, and then use:  Image - Crop to selection.




^^  Clickable


After that go to - Image - Canvas size and increase the height to 600 again.  Then you can stretch it back to the original size.







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What I was trying to do was make an ocean background for a flash game that would stack this image on top of itself and blend seamlessly. Anyway I found out that I could just blur specific selections instead of the whole page.749.png.6c7e1e43f102e450d75a47013b4c351d.png

After I blended the two sections by blurring the line in areas a applied another affect that made it look more like waves.

Now it can be stacked without looking awkward.

The flash game is coded to render these automatically, and in single images, when needed. It's done that way to reduce lag.

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