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Porcelain Text with Variegated Coloring

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Yes, one more height maps tutorial!


I used two different maps, hidden below for anyone interested.


2JZZBqn.png - OLuVEeU.png


This tutorial cries out to be tried on a vase.


For the vase, I made my own map (also hidden below) using a red & orange gradient and @Red ochre's wonderful Contour plugin that @lynxster4 brought to my attention through another tutorial.




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Both of them are great @Djisves!  <3  I do love using my own PDN-made textures, too!


Ming dynasty or Djisves dynasty??  😁   

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Hi @lynxster4 Here's another effort.

With a combination of your Height map tutorials and @welshblue's Antique lamp tutorial, I think I understand the height map plugins now.🙃

Anyway, I decided to make some chess pieces, hope you like them.

Been messing with ''Height Map'' for days now, gonna have a rest.

I think old age is catching up with me.😉







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Those are fantastic @ipswichmanc!  <3  Great job.  Love the marbling.  I think you've mastered it... 😉

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