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hey guys ^.^ first sig


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I don't think that would be necessary. But the sig is quite good for your first one. After you familiarize yourself with Paint.NET, try using Custom Brushes, abstract C4D's (what?) and stock images. They make tags, among other things, look much better. TopHATslash has also written a tutorial on how to use these.

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Very nice, far better than my first sig.

But a few minor complaints.

1. Needs a border, a 1px black border will do, you don't need anything too fancy, just something to separate it from the forum background. Just a small simple step that makes the sig look loads better in my opinion.

2. For next time, something slightly more original. No offense, but I see so many halo sigs they start to all look alike. Not saying your sig is bad, because it most certainly is not, but yeah, lack of originality.

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i know about c4ds stocks and stuff i use them a lot but i didnt know where to put one in here. and i would have made some brushes already but i dont know how and can i import gimp brushes?. borders? i hate borders i think it makes the sig ugly...no offence a lot of people like em and they can looks nice. and the halo thing...just cus its over-used doesnt mean it makes it ugly, and its just a render i happened to had that was in that tut. plus for a lot of my older sigs i used to make my own vectors but now i suck at vectoring...so i dont do that anymore xD.

p.s. is there a way to sharpen/blur areas? it adds depth


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