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Suggestion: Save history with .pdn's

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This would be super handy. If it would make the .pdn file too large for some users, just make it an option that can be toggled and is by default off. The file could also be slimmed down if the option was given to save only a predetermined amount of history (50, 200, infinite edits, etc.)

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To have the choice to save current session history to my local computer prior to closing the file would sure be handy.  Although information "from the horse's mouth' tells me this could only be done as a 'get-it-now or its-gone-forever' scenario, to have the opportunity to save file history similar to the way Shape Maker allows us to save projects would be so very useful.  Shape Maker is one of my very favorite plugins because of how well it is designed to manage projects as well as it is designed for creating them.

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I don't know, this might not work, especially with all the plugins a user might have. Also, I realize this is a year later, but hey, who knows.

If I understand correctly, each operation performs certain code. couldn't you just save that progression?

  • Open image
  • select 35x100, 95x800
  • brightness +50, contrast -10
  • crop selection
  • etc. etc.

Then you just need to record the original image and the changes made to it.

This might not always result in the exact same image at the end, especially if you're using any effects (like Noise) that include randomness (unless you can include the RNG seed, maybe), but you could save it as an option. file.pdn or file-with-history.hpdn or something.


Each code entry (I think) shouldn't be that much information. Even 1000 operations would only amount to a few MB... right? Right? (Might not be right)


Just a thought.

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