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Print to disc prints off-centre

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I was pleased to see an option, in Paint.net, to print an image onto a printable DVD (the software provided with my printer doesn't work).


In Paint.net, I selected Paper type = Printable disc (recommended) and Paper size = Disc tray J


Unfortunately, the final print was off centre in that the left hand side of the image wasn't printed (ie. off the area of the disc) and there was a white, "crescent moon" shaped area on the right where the image didn't reach that edge of the disc. Wording, that was central in the on-screen rendering of the image, was offset to the left in the printed disc. Thus, the whole image was offset to the left (away from the leading edge of the caddy as it enters the printer) by approximately 7mm. There were ink deposits on the disc caddy to the left of the disc, indicating that the program had attempted to print the whole image but had missed its target by 7mm. I am also suspicious that some ink may have been deposited through the hole in the middle of the disc but I cannot be sure of this.


I am using Paint.net version 4.0.19, running on Windows 10. My printer is a Canon ip7250.

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