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Keep Each Tool A Different Size?

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Not sure if there's a setting I'm missing somewhere or if it's even possible (with a plugin or otherwise), but can you set it so that different tools each have a different size?


For example, I usually like leaving my eraser tool really big so when I have to wipe something out, it's pretty quick and easy. However, when I switch back to my line tool, I have to keep setting it back to a smaller size. Same with the paint brush.


So, I'm hoping someone can tell me if there's a way to keep each tool sized differently so I don't have to keep adjusting the size every time I flip back and forth between those tools.

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Hello @Hi_I'm_daft :D I love your moniker.


No, you will not be able to set the size permanently, as those tools you mention are regulated by brush size.  However, you should be able to increase the size quickly with the wheel on your mouse.


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Try the Tools tab in the Settings :Settings: dialog. I don't recall if you can set the sizes for individual tools.




As @Pixey mentioned, use the Mouse wheel or the keyboard shortcuts [ and ]  (+ Ctrl for a 5px increase/decrease)

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