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Gradual Stripe Plugin (v 2.0)

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Hi All,


This plugin makes stripes with specified number. It begins with 1st color and after changing its shade step by step it converges to secondary color. 

Version 2.0 is entirely rewritten. Many thanks to @BoltBait for all of his effort making this effect a reality.

New version respects the selection and doesn't gets distorted with its border. (For those who like distortion property of earlier version I have also kept previous plugin here, Both can installed together as they have different DLL version number, New plugin will has a slightly different icon.)


New UI: 



v1.0 created plugin

v1.1 added feature for repeating 

v1.2 added feature to invert colors

v1.3 added feature to start from centre

v2.0 New version entirely rewritten. It has fully freely movable nubs and it respects selection.




If it is rendered on an active selection (in case of older version), the renders depends upon the shape of selection.



Version 2.0 


Download v1.3 

Download v2.0 

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@lynxster4 Thanks. I have made this plugin for special purpose. That's when it will come handy.


Thanks @Pixey . Almost all of the work done with help of forum members. To make it's just i threw myself in water tried to wade. I didn't used visual studio but just codelab and botbait's tutorial. I needed this effect for some important work, but can't request developers to make it for me as they are busy with their work. So, I myself tried to make it. After working a lot made the plugin. forum members pointed out (something obvious) I was getting wrong and gave up after trying a lot. I was very proud of myself that I managed to make stripe with three loops but someone did it in two loops only using some clever mathematics.  


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4 minutes ago, lynxster4 said:

Would be nice if you could include an angle dial or slider...is that possible @Pratyush ?    :/


For the way this plugin is written, it would be really, really hard.


If you want to simulate the same thing, just draw a gradient the angle you want (be sure to disable anti-aliasing) then run Adjustments > Posterize.

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@BoltBait, @lynxster4 I think this happens because the plugin tries to make stripe according to varying width of selection. Following I drew with square, eclipse, trapezoid and rectangle selection.



Stripes are interesting if the selection is inside out.



It seems if complex selection is used the stripes resemble snake skin.


Looks like stripes can be used to make artwork.

Maybe I will add a smoothing function. :) 

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