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Feet chopped off

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Hi there!

Is it possible to change the edge of a photo - i.e. to crop the sky at the top and add an equal sized portion at the bottom? I would like to copy feet from another photo and add them to the one in question. I am an enthusiastic newbie and have no idea how to fix my problem, but I would like to try. Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm making the assumption both pictures are same size and feet are in the correct direction and size etc. even if they are not you can most likely get a good looking picture. Try this first and if you still need assistance post both pictures in the hospital along with your attempt We will help those who try to do it themselves... with tips and further tricks to better their attempts. :lol: that's the best way to learn. :wink:

So here goes a real short version of photo manipulating.

the most important thing to remember is you need to work with layers

so open the picture with the feet you want first in paint.net

go to layers and import from file the second picture with the sky. select the :MoveTool: drag the sky picture up you should be seeing some of the feet picture in there now and loosing a portion of the sky on the top picture.

if you need to drag the feet across a bit sideways to line up. notice the layers box off to the side of your screen. clik on the layer that shows the feet picture should be the bottom one and use same move tool and drag it sideways.

you try that first it will get you familiar with layers

let us know how you made out and as I said post the first two pictures and your attempt in the hospital viewtopic.php?f=26&t=22617 for further bandages and spoonfuls of medicine from the people here. Welcome to the forums.



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Hello Oma - Thank you for helping me - I understand what you say and I think it should work, albeit with a few tweaks. I uploaded the 'feet ' photo into pdn without a problem but when I uploaded the main photo and moved it upwards, I saw that the 'feet' photo had shrunk smaller and I can't get it bigger again.

If you have time, I would like your advice once more .....

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awwww so both your pictures are not the same size!

load them one at a time into paint.net under image you find the resize. check what the size is on each.

personally I'd make a choice of the smaller size.

resize the larger one and start again.


drag the nub down in size on the larger one with the same move tool.

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Thanks Oma - I cannot believe how dumb I am. The shoes in the photo that shrank are now too small. When I dragged the newly sized main picture northwards, I found the head disappeared by the time I got to the shoes on the lower layer. In addition, I now realise that both photos are a bit dark and the ‘foot’ picture is not a good match. I would still like to master the process as I am sure I will need it again. I did manage to move the foot photo sideways but, of course, if one shoe fits, the subject is bandy. When I first posted the original post, I thought I needed a blank section at the bottom so that I could fill it with pavement color and copy/ paste (or even draw) shoes with pixels (please don’t laugh … my head hurts…) … I hope all ok with you ….


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