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Resizing issue help

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Why is it that whenever I resize an image that is bigger than the canvas size, half of my image gets deleted? First off, I'm pasting a 1080x1080 image into a 1280x720 canvas, and I hit "keep canvas size." My goal is to resize the 1080x1080 image into the 1280x720 image so it all fits, but whenever I click any walls or corners to resize the 1080x1080 image, half of the image gets deleted. My image is still there in full after I hit "keep canvas size," and I can click and drag and move it around and see it all even though I can't see it all in the canvas at once, but the second I go to resize it, the image gets cut. I've never had this issue before, and it only happens when I resize images that are bigger than the canvas after I have kept the canvas size the same. This has only been happening the past few days or so, and this is the third or forth time I've been hindered by this issue.


Is this possibly some option clicked that I am unaware of? Possibly due to the new update? Please help and respond as soon as possible. Examples shown in images linked below. Also, apologizes if the images are a poor quality, I had to downsize them twice due to the max upload limit being 256kb.


Image 1 shows me importing 1080x1080 into 1280x720 canvas.



Image 2 shows how I have the 1080x1080 in full, able to move around and drag.



Image 3 shows how it gets deleted/cut in half as soon as I try to resize anything.



Image 4 shows the remainder of the image after this automatic cut.



How do I stop this automatic cut from happening? I feel like I'm missing something, thanks.

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5 minutes ago, thevividkiwi said:

Why is it that whenever I resize an image that is bigger than the canvas size, half of my image gets deleted?

Because you're using an older version of paint.net that has a bug. Please update to the latest version.

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(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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Rick released 4.0.21 specifically to address this issue. See https://blog.getpaint.net/2018/01/14/paint-net-4-0-21-is-now-available/ and/or


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