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Font Drop down menu / Win 10 / even though I did "hide" many Fonts they still show up

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Hi PDN's 8-)  I've searched high n low - this is (I guess) a Win10 question, but applies as I'm trying to eliminate a bunch of Fonts from the drop-down menu (not just PDN but  Word, etc)  so - yes - I did go to Control Panel - fonts - and for those "it will allow" to delete that I didn't wish to have  - I was able to delete - (also went to detail view for Publisher, etc, which helps identify the ones Windows will allow to be deleted) okay... so 'then' I took  for-ev-er (lol) (literally!) to arduously go through all of the ones  (system fonts) to HIDE, like the Microsoft Office Symbol series of fonts, / the Jheng Hei, or Consolas, just those I do not use -- so I did "hide" them in Control Panel fonts.... but they are still on the drop down menu (?) (I mean who uses Lucinda Console?) haha...  but most of the ones I chose to HIDE are still appearing (PDN and Word) - and I've exhausted google search which gives the "how-to" hide... but must just be me... as there's not search returns for "hidden fonts still showing" and every various of search terms...  So beyond having followed the simple Hide/Show ...  I'm wondering if there's anything more to do (?)   -- I have re-started my computer a few times as well -- 


btw - the DK fonts are great - those are the ones I added and use 8-)


Thanks for any notions as to how to prune down the font selection list !    ~Lisa. 



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added note about restarting computer
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