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Could we skip save configuration when we save a new file in pdn?

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I am a youtuber and I work with paint.net to edit my images.

And I have about 100 images per video, and I have the save configuration every time.

And I know you can click enter and get rid of it fast.

But my pc is pretty slow and I lose a lot of time at the save configuration.

It surely is a pain for the guys having a slower pc, and it makes things less smooth.

Is there a setting to skip it? Or if there isn't any, could we get a setting to do that?

That would be very helpful.

Love this application. But this is a problem I am facing.

Thank you.

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53 minutes ago, Zappod Mapping said:

But my pc is pretty slow and I lose a lot of time at the save configuration.

This reasoning sounds pretty bogus to me. The config dialog is very lightweight; the difference between a "fast" and "slow" pc would be extremely negligible.

If your computer can handle video editing and encoding, it can't possibly be slow enough to make a noticeable difference with the save config dialog.

Even if takes 1.2 seconds to close the dialog with Enter, that's only 2 minutes for 100 images.

Or am I wrong?

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1 hour ago, Zappod Mapping said:

Well, you should be able to activate it or deactivate it at any time, your choice.



Why? In worst scenario you forget to deactivate an automatic saving with given configuration and you save a image with the wrong values and can't change it after that. It is better, if you have always the time and chance to choose the values.

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  • 2 years later...

"I'm not adding a feature like that just because your PC is too slow."


How about adding the feature because your users keep asking for it? The request appears numerous times in your forums. If it offends your sensibilities, you can always add a warning dialog - "You are about to something I think is really stupid. You have been warned. Etc." 

This is a classic "Our developers know better than people who use the software every day."

Listen to your users. When you have large numbers of files open, you shouldn't have to give attention to each one. I bet almost all users never change the default settings. So why should they have to click to confirm this for every single file? 

At the very least have a "Apply this setting to all files of this type." checkbox when multiple files have been modified.

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