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Creating a phone interface (How to do this)

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I found these images, and I would like for my phone interface to look similar. I know how to draw out the oval buttons. I don't know how to create the bottom part with the round button and the two buttons on either side with the spacing, and the beveling. And that glowing red button in the circle how was that done?  And the shading, Not necessarily the diagonal slash, but the buttons appear to be shaded. The last image with the red marble laserbeam thing going on is the background i wish to use. I want my buttons more pointed, and the outline the same color as that red in that image. The red in that image isn't just the color red right? It has some kind of gloss effect on top of it?




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I wrote a visual answer for you below. Usually I don't bother with forum questions that pose tons of mini questions,

but I was bored tonight. Click it to see the larger, more legible version since this is a thumbnail.

I didn't address beveling (where?), didn't make the buttons 'pointy' and didn't do much with the marble picture, but

I think you'd be able to figure out the rest after this. Good luck.


How to draw a certain phone button interface

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These are usually done with vector softwares as it's easier to cut out shapes with vector softwares, but if you insist on using raster softwares, you could use Shape Maker plugin, and follow some of Joshua's advice. You aren't going to get the flexibility of vector graphic softwares. It's also possible to combine vector graphic software with raster graphic software.

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Dang Joshua! You just went full professor on it. I appreciate you doing all that, I gained a lot of knowledge. I'm having issues with the drawing and deleting of lines. I can draw them fine, but how you select only the bottom sections and delete i can't figure out. I have managed to select the entire X pattern with the crossbar on top, but whenever I do delete, it leaves a pattern behind where the lines were. It may be related to the wand tool's Global, Flood and the union functions, as I don't really know how to use them properly. 

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how you select only the bottom sections and delete i can't figure out.

On the main forum, second to the top is a link to the documentation for paint.net.


You can press E to switch to the eraser tool and erase those lines. Eraser in documentation

Alternatively, you can use the lasso tool. Lasso in documentation



Global, Flood and the union functions

Flood mode in documentation


These are the important union functions:

- union: Hold Ctrl while making a selection. The new selection adds to the existing one.

- subtract: Hold Alt while making a selection. The new selection de-selects instead of selects.

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Like your interface Tome10! You've made a very nice job of that.

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Thanks Ego! I'm very proud for sure! I'm apparently very particular with my buttons, and I couldn't get anything I like out of the canned button programs. I did a healthy portion of overlays, and gaussian blur, and I haphazardly fenangled what I was looking for. Now i'm off to learn to make GIFs.

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