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I like your current sig. I noticed you said you had a little trouble positioning the girl in your sig. I think that the "Rule of Thirds" would be extremely helpful.

As for the flame piece, I have to agree with another user when it was suggested to tone down the text. It didn't looked like it was on flame. Just my two cents.

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Flame piece is really good. Love the fire effect. ;) KIU.
It took me 3 hours to render Radial Blur in my newest wallpaper (which isn't here yet).

WTF.. :shock: :shock: :shock:

Is that even possible!?

That's what I was thinking. :shock: It was 1600*1200 and I put quality on 5, but I still don't think it's normal.

@Storm.Shadow: The reason why I had trouble positioning was because it was a small stock. :)

Thank you. :D



Improved version of Flame.

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You're welcome.

Your Fire text is getting better. As for the Ice text, make it look like it's appearing to be freezing, and then you'll pull it off.

I don't use radial blur myself cuz it takes so long to render, even on a 800x600 image, and maybe defrag"ing" your hard drive will make the render more fast.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Looks like a good sketch. I'm sure the finished piece will be amazing. Are you gonna do a vector style or a realistic style? I think vector would look amazing. =)

Also, add something in the foreground, like a campsite or something.. It'll make the whole piece come together - sort of. =P

Merry Christmas


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For a second, I thought the landscape piece was mine. :P I can't wait to see it finished, too! Come on and get it done! :!: :!: What are you going to do with the ice WIP? Maybe you can make it look like icicles by making it see-through. It would have a nice texture to it and everything.

Great job!

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