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How to make a vignette

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Hello everybody

I am an amateur and have been using pdn sporadically for different things where I needed to manipulate images and have come to appreciate this gem of open source coding. This is my first post because I could always figure out how achieve the effect I was attempting thanks to the huge plug-in library and the clean interface that has really developed remarkably well. Not to mention this forum. Still now I'm stuck: I want to create a vignette effect like the one boltbait has in his repertoire but I'd like the falloff to start at the edge of the (in my case oval) selection (red boundary in the example below) blur the picture all the more the further the pixels are from the selection edge and then fade to transparent (again only starting from the blue boundary). I tried different things with transparency gradients, masks and even the aforementioned vignette but I just can't get it right. Any help is greatly apreciated.


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Hi @koppieskrap


Have you tried the gradient blur?



Delete  the area outside the blue to make it transparent

Center the image

Check the distance mode (for ellipse)

Check the guide line (the time to help you to place the effect, uncheck before apply).

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