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2017 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot


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So yeah, as you can tell, it's about that time -- you get to decide the best of 2017, the worst of 2017, and everything in between. Welcome to the 2017 Paint.NET Forum Awards!


It is quite simple. You are given ~29 categories in which you can vote for your fellow PdNers. There are a variety of statements to be made here, and as a regular of the Off-Topic Forum, you get to have your say on who deserves what. Any member of the PdN forum is eligible to vote, so Joe Random's opinion counts for just as much as mine, or even Rick's! You may vote ONCE only. If you vote twice, I will only count the first one. So, put some thought into it before clicking the send button!


How to vote:

For the awards, I'm leaving a blank template at the bottom of this post. Select / Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V that into Notepad or your personally preferred prose processor, and fill in the ballot with your choice of who should win each award. Then, Select / Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V your completed ballot into a PM to me. It’d be great if you could title it "Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot 2017" or something like that in the subject. I'll still accept it if it's not titled that and I catch it in my inbox, but it'll be much easier to discern if it has an appropriate subject. As stated above, any Paint.NET forum member gets to vote on every award. I'll ask that you make your best effort to fill out the ballot where you can to ensure complete results. If you want to leave some blank because you don't know who to vote for, that's fine as well -- just try to vote where you feel your knowledge is apt.


Feel free to discuss one or two of your picks and thoughts on this post, through IM, etc. I just ask that you don't post your entire vote for all to see--Let's keep the results a surprise. This isn't a staunch & serious activity -- it's here for fun. Just be sure that you get your votes to me on time!


In any case, I'll save all of my standard rambling for the post where people actually get the awards, and let you guys get to your thinking & voting.


A couple quick notes:

1) The little puns relating to the names of each award are bolded in the descriptions. There's a method to my madness, I swear it!

2) It's OK to vote for yourself in some categories if you think you deserve it. Ballots with your own name for EVERY category will be discarded.

3) As I said above, incomplete ballots are accepted, so if you can't think of someone for an award, that's fine, just leave that one blank. Please use exact user names. I'm not familiar with everyone's nick names. Copy-and-paste works best here.

4) Voting closes at 8 AM PDT, on January 2nd, 2018. That's first thing Tuesday morning.

5) Winners in each category will receive a custom Rank to display under their user name on the forum.

6) Have fun! Remember, if you get voted on as a forum troll, it is all in fun! We still love you.


And, without further delay...


The 2017 Awards!


First, a few awards for forum performance:


The Mimi Bobeck Award: This one's for the biggest forum troll of 2017 on the Paint.NET forum. As I'm sure you're aware, a forum troll is someone who posts a lot, whose posts don't always have an overflow of useful content, and who's posts are typically contrarian in nature. Not to say that they never have relevant posts, but -- ah hell, it's 2017, you guys know what a forum troll on the Internet is by now.


The Real Estate Award: This one's for the mod who tends to close posts the most – they are always there, just waiting for someone to break the rules or post something useless. Decide that you're gonna make a post wrong forum? BAM! This guy moves it before you even get a reply. Some n00b spamming the forums with Viagra ads? BAM! Bant! Not only does this guy close posts, but he/she wields the banhammer in a way which would make Thor proud. (To assist you, a full list of moderators can be found here.)


The "Wrong End of A Massive Pwnage" Award: You have seen it before… a member posts their unsupported opinion as fact and you just watch and wait for an intelligent member to come in and fry them. This award is, as the title suggests, for the member who has been on the wrong end of a massive pwnage, or has one coming their way sooner than later.


The Proton Award: This one is for the member who, overall, has the most positive input to the Paint.NET forum. Whether it's through modship, Paint.NET help, organizing UBB games, valuable input in the suggestions threads, etc; this member is always there to give something back to the community.


The Big Bird Award: This one is for the friendliest soul on the boards. Thoughts toward the vernacular aside, the winner of The Big Bird Award is someone who's always warm, friendly and fuzzy to the other members.


The Howard Hughes Award: This one goes out to the most eccentric member of the boards. Whether it's stem cell research, abortion, or what they had for lunch yesterday; this member always seems to be on the other side of a debate. Of course, this award doesn't go to just any argumentative soul, this one's for someone who does it well.


The Radiance Award: This award goes out to the most brilliant Paint.NET forumer. This person always has something to say, and sure enough, they're usually right. They know everything about some things, and seemingly something about everything. If someone strikes you as a smart cookie, this is where you can acknowledge that.


Rookie of the Year Award: This award goes out to the new member who made the biggest impact on the community. To be eligible for this award, the user must have joined after January 1, 2017.


The Homer Simpson Award: Who doesn't find Homer Simpson funny? Well, if you don't, maybe you should read this award description before you vote. This award goes out to the funniest forum member. Whether it be wit, shock value, clever writing, or some other form of humor which I'm invariably forgetting, this member is always on top of it.


The Pauly Shore Award: This one goes to the unfunniest member. Maybe their wit isn't witty, or their shock value is too much. Whatever the case, here's your chance to recognize someone who specifically doesn't make you laugh. Oh, sure, they try... but always seem to come up short.


The Hit & Miss Award: This one's for the member who we miss -- for whatever reason (work, real life, bannination, death by meteor, etc.) they've left the discussion, and the Paint.NET forum members want them back.


The Spool Awards: This category recognizes members who are big names in certain threads or certain types of threads for their knowledge or help:


1) Captain N: (The UBB gamer)

2) The MVP: (The sports expert)

3) Siskel & Ebert: (The movie expert)

4) Rolling Stone: (The music expert)

5) 101010: (The computer expert)


Next, on to the awards for Paint.NET prowess!


The Picasso Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the weirdest art (in a good way) using Paint.NET.


The Monet Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the most beautiful art using Paint.NET.


The GE Award: This one goes to the author who creates the best plugin of 2017. Be sure to mention which plugin you are using and why you love it. Plugins released in 2017 or having a major update this year are valid for this award. If you're not sure which plugins this includes, check the plugin index.


The Marilyn Monroe Award: Starting with Paint.NET version 4.0.6, users can add custom shapes to the shape tool. This award goes to the member who has created the best shape or the most useful shape of the year.


The Marlboro Award: Ever see one of those sigs and thought "Wow, that really makes me think!", or "Gee, that's awesome!"? Well, here's the category where you get the chance to recognize the member with that sig. This award is for the best signature of 2017.


Paint.NET's Rabbi: This one goes to the best teacher of 2017. Authors of tutorials newly written this year are eligible.


Now, a few things thrown in just for fun!


The ______ in the ______ Awards: Possibly the most fun and lighthearted of those presented in the Paint.NET awards, these are some specific situations where you get to fill the name of a fellow forumer in a blank that suits them. Try not to pick the obvious -- don't pick banned members in the blank for members about to be banned, or pro artists for the professional artist blank. That said;


1) "And your newest mod for the Paint.NET forum is ________!"

2) "Wow, look, _________ is showing their art in the Louvre!"

3) "Hey, __________ has his own TV show!"

4) "Hello, I’m _________, and I’m an alcoholic."

5) "In local news, police have finally gunned down ________ from his murderous rampage."

6) "OMGWTFLOLBBQ, _________ just got bant good!"


And, finally, the award you've all been waiting for...


The Kings/Queens of Paint.NET: This award is plainly & simply the popularity contest you know you all want. You select 4 of this year's most popular forum members -- be they friendly, smart, interesting, funny, some of the above, none of the above, or what -- this award is for your favorite posters.


With that, I'm off into the darkness! (And by "into the darkness", I mean "to sit silently refreshing my inbox waiting for your votes".)


Good luck! And, let the campaigning begin!


P.S. These awards were based on forum awards from MOTL. All credit goes to GLE for his humor and creativity.


Please use the ballot template. Do not delete lines, if you wish not to vote on a category, just leave it blank.


Do not post your completed ballot to the forum. PM it to me! Let's keep the results a surprise, OK? (If you want to suggest people vote a certain way on ONE or TWO categories, that's fine, just don't post the whole thing.)

Ballot Template: (Enter one official user name on each line after the colon. Do not delete lines or titles.)


Your User Name (Please, this helps me):

The Mimi Bobeck Award:

The Real Estate Award:

The "Wrong End of A Massive Pwnage" Award:

The Proton Award:

The Big Bird Award:

The Howard Hughes Award:

The Radiance Award:

Rookie of the Year:

The Homer Simpson Award:

The Pauly Shore Award:

The Hit & Miss Award:

UBB gamer:





The Picasso Award:

The Monet Award:

The GE Award (author-plugin):

The Marilyn Monroe Award:

The Marlboro Award:


Newest mod:

Showing in the Louvre:

TV show:


Gunned down:


The Kings/Queens of Paint.NET (vote for up to 4)






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On 12/31/2017 at 6:26 PM, BoltBait said:

Thanks to everyone who's voted. You guys rock!


If you've been putting it off... Now's the time!  VOTE!


I will start counting the votes tomorrow.  There's still time!


EDIT: There's no more time.  I've spent the night (1/3) calculating all the votes... (so, *I* know who won everything)... now to type it all up.  It is after midnight now, so I'll do it tomorrow.  Good night. Zzzzzzzz.

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