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The only thing that stops me loving (or using) Paint.net

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What a beautiful piece of software. If only the beginnings of every stroke weren't ruined by this infuriating bug!

I can't seem to fix it with anything I try. I welcome any tips. As you can see, the first 1/2 a second of my brush strokes fail to register, or if they do, I just get a straight line.




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Cheers Toe head :)

Aye, I see it in most other painting apps I've tried, but not all. It's especially bad in Paint.net. It's either perfect or inperceivable in Photoshop.

I think I'm finding that it's less noticeable with tiny images.. at least using Irfanview.


For reference, it's a Wacom Intuos2 latest drivers (which is normally rock solid) on a MSI laptop (GT7 2QE) 24gb RAM, octocore i7, SSD, GTX 980m, latest Win 10


Just heard back from Wacom tech support and all they say is the Intuos2 isn't compatible with Win10 so gutted.

I'm not sure I'm convinced, since it works perfectly in Photoshop and MS Paint.

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Have you tried toggling the fluid mouse input check box? Find it in Settings > User Interface




I don't know if it is worth a try, but also try disabling the top check box (hardware accelerated rendering).

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I skipped the video - I was on my tablet and playback is notoriously flaky.

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