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Japanese Sports Cars - JDM tuners and ricers


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Starting this topic for all Japanese sports car lovers. I won't mind if you post about any other cars too. 


Post the pictures of the most tuned Japanese cars and the most riced cars! 



Can you even guess which car it is?

The scissor doors and the gas scoop  crack me up everytime :lol:


And here's a tuner, a lancer Evo VIII


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59 minutes ago, welshblue said:

That's an ugly Honda Civic ... more money than taste some people :D


Nice Evo ... shame about the rims for me.  Flat black would look sleek

If properly tuned, Honda cars are a beast, but people choose to rice them out instead of spending the money on upgrades. You can pick up a turbocharger for 200$ instead of spending it on stickers, new speakers, rims, widebody kits, etc. 


The lan Evo is one of my favorite Japanese sport/rally cars. The evo VIII, in my opinion, was the best 4wd cars compared to its newer and older models. It's sad to see the lancer series come to an end :(

I hope they are discontinuing the lancer to release something more powerful, which can compete with the godzilla :P

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I'm not real fond of Corvettes. They're powerful and all. And there are lots of other cars out there that call themselves muscle cars. But I'm addicted to the rumble of a 

Chevelle SS with a 454 LS6. I had to sell mine a few years ago but if I had a choice I'd get one again.

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On 12/4/2017 at 4:02 AM, dipstick said:

Ahhhh, good old American muscle...





This one reminds me of my old 67 Mustang GT with a 428 CobraJet and 4-speed....



Are they both drag builds? Just guessed as they have those fat tires and the engine on that first mustang, well, that engine looks really good. What engine is that, I know for sure its twin charged or atleast supercharged. Can you share images of the engine as well (if you have)

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As far as classic Japanese cars go, I've always liked the Datsun 240Z.


When it comes to modern Japanese cars, I prefer Mazda and Honda. Toyota and Nissan seem to have an overall low build quality.


Next year, Mazda is putting their new HCCI engine into production. I'm really looking forward to see how well it actually performs.

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The first Mustang is what's referred to as a "Pro Street" car and has a highly modified small block with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger and dual-quads. The second Mustang is basically stock and has a 351 Cleveland engine.


Here are some interesting engines. This Roadster has a very rare and exotic 427 SOHC engine.



The engine alone is probably worth $80,000 USD...



Here is a Legendary 426 HEMI engine in a 70 Dart...


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