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Printing cutting off far end (shorter) borders

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Hiya readers. 

I've used paint.net for a previous project and it was a great experience after I got the hang if it but this time I am having a problem.

I think my question goes here and not the troubleshooting forum and I believe it is unique enough. I did search around.

Here goes.

I've got some large images and I want to shrink two of them to fit side by side filling out an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Print them out, cut in half, into a half size binder and I've got a pretty sweet Christmas gift for the niece.

All my images are the same dimensions and the best method so far seems to be to first create my white background layer of identical dimensions. I like that a lot more than just layering images over the checkerboard. I was trying to first have the background+canvas set to 8.5x11 but when importing pictures the pictures would not force into that aspect but rather enlarge the canvas, even with that maintain aspect ratio box ticked. Also tried saving the pictures as 4.25x5.5 and then pasting/adding as a new layer to no avail, that was making them come out smaller than 4.25x5.5

Anyway, so got the canvas, background at same ratios as the pictures. Got those pictures flipped 90° and fitted nicely next to eachother. Print preview is leaving blank page on either side of the hot dog borders. Fit picture to frame and the hot dog issue is fixed but then the image extends beyond the hamburger borders. 

Only thing I'm thinking of on my own now is to play tap and go with the images and print preview until it all aligns right, which would be a real pain. 

Any help is so appreciated.


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Got it. The images are not quite in the same ratio as what an 8.5x11s is. Something like .69 versus .75..

It's late after 5am

So, my solution is to take the final image and blow it up to a multiple of 8.5x11 that is also larger than the source files. In this case 25.5x33 and yay I'm printing on a full page of paper. What a process. 

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