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Video/GIF of an image with polar inversion

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I want to make a video or a gif about an image. I want my image to be gradually twisted with the "polar inversion". How to make an algorithm like this :

float i = 0;
while( i != 4)
	apply Polar Inversion (Quantity : i);
	save image as "MyImage"+i+".png";
	revert to the original image;
	i = i + 0.1

how to do this automaticly?

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Correct code
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Paint.net cannot be automated in this way.

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Sorry, no.


If I was doing this I'd bite the bullet and do it manually.

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Then you understand that @Ego Eram Reputo could suggest to do it manually for "only" 40 slides.


Still I count now 400 images to handle with. Have you already use an animated gif program with as much as 400 images?


What is the size of 1 single image in pixel ? x400 ?




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Have you tried Irfanview?

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I'm not making screen shot ? I'm going to calculate a reasonable rate for having a fluid animation without losing quality.


How does the polar inversion work ?


I wonder : translate coordonate in polar coordonates.

Remplace all the pixel by the (1/x) th one.

Translate new image from polar to orthogonal 


I'm i right ? 

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