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Bugs - Zooming and Layer Jumping

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Just a couple of bugs to report.  This has been happening for years on many versions. 


1) The Zoom In tool has a problem that appears time to time in every session, zooming in way too far in one click.


2) A terrible bug in the Layers Window that appears randomly in every session.  A sudden jump in the Selected Layer while clicking in and out of the Layer and the Normal Painting Windows.  I'd be surprised if nobody has ever reported this issue, maybe they are just waiting for someone else to say something.


I have no idea what kind of programming error would cause that.  Please fix this problem.

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48 minutes ago, BoltBait said:

2) Are you talking about the active layer changing when you change the layer visibility checkbox?  If so, this is "by design" and will not be "fixed".

The program is not doing what you said right now, but at times that happens.  It still should be fixed, toggling visibility and current layer selection should not and are not the same thing.

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