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How do I make the illusion of a sphere?

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So increase Ambient lightning, Strength of Light and decrease Phong size.


3 minutes of work:




5 minutes more with additional layers and some blur effects:




And one personal advice for you from an older one: The best way to learn something about image editing is to edit images, not to ask how to make it. Because there are more possibilities than you can imagine.

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10 hours ago, RMSTITANIC said:

Ok, I'm just curious. ... xD 


Wait. Hold on.. ...


You had problems here before because of your special kind of "texting". I think, it's time to grow up and change your behaviour. Collect your ideas and wishes in ONE posting, make clear, what you want and give up those wait-hold-on-I'm-curious-garbage.


Keep in mind, that some people here spend their time to understand and help you.

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You could try out one of my tutorials, "Solar Atmosphere", more precisely part B.


In short, you'll want to create a narrow bright band of light going round the edge. For example (like, a very rough example):



Hopefully this technique will help, it isn't perfect mind you.

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the "more precisely" bit
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10 hours ago, LionsDragon said:

@RMSTITANIC, I think a star by definition has a gaseous body, ergo no rock to be liquefied. Although I suppose technically, if a rock body were under enough pressure to liquefy it might become gaseous enough...ummm....




Well I do know that a rocky planet can fuse elements if it's 8 to 11 times the mass of the sun. xD

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