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Frosted Glass hangs indefinitely on a 1x1 pixel image

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How on earth did you happen upon that?? :lol:


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I don't expect this to save any serious person's work, and you're not in trouble LionsDragon unless your entire image is a single pixel wide when you apply Frosted Glass to it, which is pointless. :) But, as I've proved, obscure corner cases can be hit and it's always good to report them.

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Never know though, it could conceivably hang up in a larger scale at some point; ergo, it's something to watch.


Or I might make a miniature building with frosted window glass panes 1px by 1px, although I haven't done that scale in at least 15 years (and my eyes are telling me it's a bad idea). That was in MSPaint too, so not nearly the flexibility.


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