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Magnifying Glass Water Droplet Button

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Hello tome10 and welcome to the paint.net forum.


It sounds like you're asking for a button in paint.net that you could click to create a magnifying glass circle that follows the mouse and displays whatever is underneath it in a zoomed-in view. However, you can already zoom in and out easily by holding Control and either scrolling the mouse wheel or pressing the plus or minus buttons.


Rick Brewster is the only developer for Paint.net and the work required to implement this feature outweighs the benefits. He has a lot on his plate and it's fair to say this will never happen, unfortunately.


But we love ideas, so if you have any other ideas that would bring a lot of missing functionality to Paint.net (and hopefully aren't too hard to do), then we'd love to hear them.

Tell me if I misinterpreted anything. :)


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No, I would like to make a button to use for my HSTouch (Homeseer) Client Interface. I need buttons that say Garage, Living Room, Bedroom etc. I was thinking have the button transparent but try to magnify the background/wallpaper dynamically. I don't think that's possible but I could be wrong. Or, more feasible would be to have the button names appear as if the button itself is a magnifying glass.

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I think you need to describe it in terms of what kind of image you want to produce, not what you want a button to do. Paint.Net can't make your buttons do anything, it can only help you produce images. If you can provide examples of the sort images you want, that would be helpful. I'll mention a Water Drop Tutorial, which might or might not be related to your magnifying glass idea. A comment I made containing an image of a glass heart in front of an image on cloth may also be related (or not).

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Well, it would be a way to add properties to a transparent image. A transparent distortion layer. Like I said, I don’t think that is possible. 

However, making a button that distorts the text “GARAGE” is possible I think. I’m looking into the water droplet tutorial. Thanks..

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4 hours ago, tome10 said:

However, making a button that distorts the text “GARAGE” is possible


Making an image of the word "GARAGE" distorted by a transparent button is possible with PDN, for instance, by using the technique I used with the transparent heart. Turning that into a button in a program is outside the realm of PDN.

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