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Glowing Text???

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Not that I know of, mostly my fault because I haven't been here often. :(

However, there is a Glow plug-in and you could use that to make your fonts glow. But, you probably already knew that. For now, that's what I use.


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I made a tutorial on how to do this on my forums, but its a tutorial for photoshop =/ so ill just explain here. Make 2 layers with the same text in the same pace, the bottom one a light/bright color and the top one a dark/bold color. Select the bottom layer and do a gaussian blur (to watever power you wish) and voila.

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here nice it works perfect ^.^ but it kinda looks more like shadow if u use like black under it like this:


now if u do this


it will look more like it but it is a little hard to read but i could find somewhere around it ^.^

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