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How to make better Static? - Continued.

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If you're searching exactly this result, you will fail without additional plugin.

You can repeatedly use noise, median, blur und resizing the image with different values for the options and may find something like this:




or this:




Bands are made with line tool manually.

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26 minutes ago, RMSTITANIC said:



Not cool. Seriously. You need to grow up.


Read these if you wish to remain on the forum. Do it now.


Note where it says:


4) You must make sense. Tiping lyk thz iz n0t kewl.


I shut down your other thread because of your bizarre ranting. Unfortunately, this thread appears to be going to same way.


You've had two run-ins with the Mods here. Start acting like a responsible member of this forum or we will eject you.

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