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How can I move a selection without changing my background image?

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I am trying to build a layered image. I have the background image set and am trying to add and then center another image on top of said background. I have tried to use the "move selection only" tool, which gives me a blue box around the selection and then only the blue box moves, leaving the selection in place. I have gone through the beginner tutorial which, while helpful, did not help me resolve this issue. Am I missing something? Is there another tool I should be using? This is my first time using photo editing software, so I may be overlooking something that would be obvious to a more experienced user.

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That is correct. I tried using the Move Pixels tool originally and it took part of the background image with the selected image when I moved it. However, after reading your response, I tried it again and this time it worked without moving the background. I'm not sure what I did differently this time. Does the problem of the background being cut with the selected image sound at all familiar? I am going to go back and try to duplicate the process so I understand why it didn't work in the first place.

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Thank you so much, and I do understand what you are saying. To that end, I have tried to duplicate my process and have attached the results. Perhaps you can see where I went wrong.


I opened the background image.

I added another layer

I imported the logo image, which appeared in the upper left corner.

The "Move Pixels" tool was highlighted, and when I tried to center my logo, it left a cut-out in the original position, as you can see.


Have I missed a step somewhere or should I have used a different tool?


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Ah, yes, the background image is 120 KB and the logo is 682 KB. I did have to resize the background initially to get it to the resolution I needed. However, I'm still not sure why that would produce the problem I showed you, additionally, why it would resolve itself eventually. I'm still playing with it, trying to see how I eventually got it to work. Honestly, I barely know how to cut/paste in Paint, so this is baffling to me.:/

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Hello @IrishEyes7

Welcome to the Forum.


20 minutes ago, IrishEyes7 said:

I opened the background image


When you say this - it must be a two layered image with the burgundy as a background layer and the stars and stripes on the top layer.

When you import the image (your logo) you might have the stars layer selected that creates a window to the burgundy layer when you move it. It has to be getting the burgundy fill color from somewhere.


29 minutes ago, IrishEyes7 said:

I imported the logo image


Terminology is very important too. Do you mean import from file?  What is the format of the file? When you use this function there is no need to create an additional layer before you run this function.- Import from file does this automatically.


I know creating a new layer automatically makes it the active layer so you might just have to repeat the process again to further clarify a step that might be missing.

We at the Forum love a challenge to help other users understand the functionality of this great piece of software. B)


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I am so grateful for any guidance I can get on this, I love what I am discovering and look forward to becoming more proficient!


As to your points:

The Background Image I am using is a JPEG that I downloaded from a Google Image Search. Perhaps the original was layered and I was not aware of it, but the entire image (the burgundy and stars and stripes) were all one image to the best of my knowledge.

The Logo itself I created from scratch in Paint and it originally had a royal blue background.


When I say I "Imported" the image, I am referring to clicking on the Layers heading at the top of the screen, then selecting Import From File.


This time, I have followed these steps:

Opened the background image with this application.

Resized the original by 250%

Dropped down Layers and selected Import From File

The Logo was placed at the upper left portion of the screen, highlighted with the Move Selected Pixels Tool

I repositioned the Logo to the center of the screen, again leaving the cutout behind it.


I hope that illustrates it a bit better. :) Thank you both again so much for your help, I am learning a lot already!

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AndrewDavid: Yes, actually, it is a .pdn file! I never thought to check that. So should I convert it and re-save it?


WelshBlue: I am trying to find it in Image Search again, so far no luck. Would the original link have been saved somewhere on my computer or do I need to find the original online?

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Now we are on the right track. You have many options.


Simply open the logo (.pdn file)

select the layer just the logo is on and copy all.

Then select your new .pdn file - select the layer you added - then paste. voila - should work fine now.


When you import a .pdn file - it imports all the layers - that's where the burgundy was coming from when you moved the logo. It imported more than just one layer.


Hope this resovles your issue. It is quite the learning curve. B)

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