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With new Windows Updates, Paint.Net won't open a second time


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First, I have to say I LOVE Paint.net.  I have Photoshop, and to be honest, I like Paint.net better. 

I just updated Windows (I have windows 10 and am running on a rather new Dell laptop, like a year old).  


I was running Paint.Net for years with no problem.  Now, when I open it I get the following error messages (attached).  paintnet1.png is first, then I click okay, and then get paintnet2.png.  When I click okay, paint.net goes away completely.


I tried to uninstall paint.net, but there are two files under the sessiondata that are locked.  I have no permission to do anything with them at all.  They're folders made up of a string of numbers (see paintnet3.png).


The only way I can delete those files is to go into command prompt as an administrator and type in Net user administrator /active:yes.  Then I can do a rd FILENAME but it still says it's there.  I reboot and it's gone. 


When I reinstall the latest paint.net, I can get into it one time.  When I close out paint.net, I go through all of the above again, with the error messages, etc.


I'm not a saavy tech person, so if you can help me in layman's terms, I'd really appreciate it.  Thank you all for all you do.  This is one amazing tool.






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