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Dragging an image over an image that is smaller than the background changes aspect ratio

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I have had this happen SO many times, where my background (for example) is 1280x720 and I have a lot of stuff in it, and then I drag in an image that is larger than 1280x720 and it messes all of my work. Is there some way to make it so that images that are added as a layer will resize to the current aspect ratio of my background?

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Why don't you check the image-size before and resize it, if necessary? Additional, you can change the size after dragging by holding the SHIFT key while dragging one of the nubs on the corners. And of course you should do all this in a new layer.


Automatical resizing is not a good idea if the aspect ratio doesn't fit. It stretches or squeezes your image.

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If your second image is larger, don't use Import From File. As you have found, it makes the canvas larger to accommodate the new image. Instead, Copy and Paste or Paste into a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + V). This will give you the option to keep the current canvas size.


Ref:  https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/EditMenu.html#7

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