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Curve Tool Select?

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My question is about curve / line select tool. Here is a screenshot:




I need it to perform selection be capable selection, while allowing to resize and change line's or curve's shape . I need something like rectangle selection tool but that would allow for more flexibility and precision to target spots that I want to delete. So instead of using eraser which requires precise selection and movement with mouse, I think curve / line selection would make it way easier. Like below example, except that instead of painting black lines, I would be able to put a selection according to shape and size I need and then delete that shape, leaving transparent background:




Is there already plugin like this? I hope I was clear in describing what I am looking for. Thanks.

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Hello @TechnicGeek :D.


I 'think' I may understand what you are asking. 


1.  If you know the exact shape that you want to cut out of the image, draw or upload the 'shape to a layer above your image background.

2.  Select the shape with the magic wand, so that it's alive (ants around it :biggrin:)

3.  Go down to the background of the image you want to cut out of,  and hit delete.  Uncheck the shape and you will see transparent pixels in the Background layer where you

     hit delete.


I hope this is what you are looking for :)

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I don't think you really want to precisely select an area -- that's just a means to an end; what you really want to do is precisely erase an area. Probably the best way to do that is to use BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin.


Draw the curve on a separate transparent layer.

Copy the the curve layer to the clipboard (no need to select the layer -- just use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut).

Make the separate layer invisible, so it won't distract you.

Make the layer you want to modify the active layer.

Run Object>Paste Alpha. Set the Alpha Source to Clipboard alpha.  Check Invert calculation.  Set Paste method to Minimum of alpha and clipboard alpha  or (Multiply alpha and clipboard alpha).


This generally works far better than using the Magic Wand and Deleting.



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Another, perhaps even better, solution is to:


Set the Primary Color to a transparent color.

Select the Line/Curve Tool.

In the Tool Bar (just above the image area) set the Blend Mode to Overwrite. (For the Blend Mode, look for the flask icon in the Tool Bar.)


Now  whatever you draw will be erased from the image. This, of course, also works with all the other drawing tools, such as Shapes.


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