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Tint colour filter problem

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I made a Topic, where I thought a tool I havn't found yet, could help me.

But IRON67 and his inability to take critque into account made me realize, i have to do it pixel to pixel.

Now the problem is, there are 2 colours, one is the tint and the other is the background.

i want to remove the tint, change it's colour and apply it back on the background, without changing the background's colour in any way.

In the example below, on the left side is what i expect, on the right side Conditional Hue/Saturation.


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40 minutes ago, KittenKatja said:

But IRON67 and his inability to take critque


You are wrong. I can't even see critque. You talk about yourself. And transporting your sadness in a new thread don't make things better. I gave you an suggestion and your reaction was inadequate.


Your new example shows me, that you have to learn how to use Conditional Hue/Saturation correctly, so that only the green pixels are changing the color.


BTW: Your "illustrations" are ... umm ... tiny.

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