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Editing problems

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I am unable to descripe the problem in words, the reason also can't find it in the search...


I'm editing some textures in a game, the problem is, i want to change the colour of something see through sticking to another object.

There is the base texture and the other texture with that jelly on it.

I put both each on a layer and diversed them.

Now I'm at a dead end, because the texture is now on a black background and still not able to only edit this little part.


(when done what i want, it comes on the base and save it as the original jelly texture)

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So do your own trial. I don't do your work. Do you expect a plugin, that can do anything you want in one single click? There are a lot color editing plugins for PDN. BTW: With such a small image where you can easily edit every single pixel maybe it's better to do this without any plugin.

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