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Paint.net constantly crashing

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Good day! recently, paint.net started crashing randomly. Sometimes it would happen while I'm working on something or when I minimize it. Afterwords, it would crash imminently upon start up. Before restarting my PC solved the startup crash. Now it doesn't. I can open paint.net, leave my PC alone and it'll crash. Half the time it will crash immediately upon start up even after restarting my PC. I've tried looking for fixes but nothing has worked. I NEED this programme to work as year worth of my work are in PDN format to save the layers. 

Here's the most recent log. This was a insta-crash upon start up after PC restart. 


(Side note: I've never had an issue like this in my many years of using paint.net. Occasional crashes but that was it)

Thanks in advance ~ 


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Howdy @Snow_Owl,

Looks like a Direct2D issue.

If you close 'Fraps', does it still crash?

If you run paint.net in Windows Safe Mode, does it still crash?

Are your Nvidia video drivers up-to-date?

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(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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