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Frayed Edge

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I'm going with a scanned image representing a map. I want to produce a frayed, frazzled effect for this image, leaving the center parts intact and giving the outer parts a look like - well - a frayed map. :-)


I didn't find anything in the plug-in list, looking for "fray" and "frazzle".


thanks for your help!


---Jan van Leyden

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A pretty good way to make a ragged edge is to draw a filled rectangle with the Shapes Tool, then use Distort>Dents to jiggle the edge. For a more subtle effect, apply Dents several times with different settings. Not too much distortion each time. Do it on a separate layer from the paper. Once the shape is what you want, you can scale it to fit within the paper, and use the Magic Wand to select it. Then go to the paper layer, invert the selection, and Erase Selection. Or use BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin.

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