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Turning a rectangle in a parallelogram - how?

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44 minutes ago, welshblue said:

Do you want to manipulate a square already drawn or just draw a parallelogram ?

If it's the latter, use the shapes tool :ShapesTool: and there's a parallelogram there (remember to draw it on a New Layer)


If you want to transform an existing square you could try Distort This or Quadrilateral Reshape from here


Thanks for replying. Yes, I want to manipulate a square image, so that it is seen as if walking to one side and looking on it.


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24 minutes ago, welshblue said:

As @Eli says it could be distorted ... but wasn't so much with a thinner line


You want something like below ?




I used Quadrilateral Correction

  Reveal hidden contents



Yes, It's exactly like that. I want to insert an image of a Welsh flag on a side of  bag that is seen, not front-on, but from the side.

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Just now, welshblue said:

My type of flag :D


Play with Distort This or Quadrilateral Correction linked above and they should get you where you want to be



Great!  I'm trying to paste our Welsh logo on the side of the jute bag - see pics.. Hope I'm on the right lines!


New flag with banner red size.jpg

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Open your bag on  paint.net.

Add a layer and place your flag on this layer.

Use "Distort This" to adjust the flag at your will. 

You may want to change the layer's mode to OVERLAY if you want to have the bag's texture on your flag. :) 

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