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Crochet or Knitted effect

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Hi @KenM Welcome to the Forum.

Although I am not one of the experts I can make a suggestion to get you on the right track.

I don't think there is a one stop plugin that will do your work for you. Your task can be divided into 2 steps.

The first step is to import your image into a layer.

The second step would be to import your crochet pattern into a layer below your image. There are many ways of creating your own patterns or capturing one from another source image.

It's just a pattern.

Change your image layer to overlay and if your crochet pattern is black and white - you should get the effect you are looking for.

Let us know if this works. Other members might have better suggestions than I. Hope this helps B)


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Hello @KenM and welcome! I did come up with a way to create individual crochet stitches in Paint.Net and then turn them into a repeating pattern...let me tinker with this for a bit and see if I can get this to work as a texture for you.


Edit: what do you think? I left the stitches deliberately large for visibility, but you'd want to make them smaller to make it more realistic.




I can upload the mask and/or write a tutorial, if anyone's interested.


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